Consulting & Services

iSeaMC offers cost efficient robotic seafloor monitoring surveys including biodiversity assessment and habitat mapping to the marine research and industry sector. The company provides solutions and high-level advice to the rapidly developing offshore sector including industry, policymakers and regulatory bodies. The company uses self developed robot technology.  We subcontract external experts from renowned research institutions and additionally provides laboratory facilities. We offer a complete solution in project management, coordination and support.

iseamc Consulting & Services
Examples of expertise are:
  • Determination of hydrodynamic behaviour of drill cuttings, sediment plumes and oil droplets from mining operations
  • Modeling the dispersion of plumes
  • Benthic habitat mapping
  • Sediment water exchange processes, gas hydrates and cold seeps, carbon cycle
  • Transect analyses incl. cable inspection
  • Pressure effects and subsequent dispersion of oil/gas droplets
  • Development of new robot and sensor technology for monitoring
  • Access to deep sea instrumentation
  • Organization of multidisciplinary research cruises
  • Inspection of power cables and offshore structures

iSeaMC has direct access to OceanLab of Jacobs University Bremen via collaboration agreements