International Advisors

iSeaMC Advisor John DelaneyJohn Delaney is Professor of Oceanography and holds the Jerome M. Paros Endowed Chair in Sensor Networks at the University of Washington. Since 1997, he has directed the development of the regional cabled ocean observatory in the northeast Pacific Ocean that evolved into the Regional Scale Nodes program within the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative. He leads the University of Washington team of scientists and engineers who are designing, building, and installing this first U.S. regional cabled ocean observatory. Delaney, who joined the University of Washington faculty in 1977, has published nearly 100 papers scientific papers and articles, and has served as chief scientist on more than 45 oceanographic research cruises. Delaney has served on several NASA Committees charged with defining the nature of missions to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, suspected to harbor both a liquid ocean and submarine volcanoes

iSeaMC Advisor Peter KyrPeter Kyr was heading the departments for “Planetary Exploration” and “Space Robotics” at Airbus DS in Bremen until his retirement in November 2014. Currently he is working as consultant for the Helmholtz Allianz ROBEX. With his degrees in mechanical engineering, electrotechnics and the doctorate in material sciences Kyr was PI for several material science space experiments onboard sounding rocket flights and the Spacelab FSLP and D1 mission. He coordinated more than 50 scientific sounding rocket missions (TEXUS, MAXUS), was project leader of the landing demonstration of the future Reusable Launch Vehicle demonstrator PHOENIX and initiated the working group “Moon” at Airbus DS, preparing for robotic landing missions on Moon, Mars and Asteroids and as well developing systems for satellite in-orbit servicing. Peter Kyr is affiliate member of NASA, member of the Eurospace Exploration Group and review board member for the MASCOT and EU:Cropis space mission.

iseamc Christian Stienen Christian Stienen is a marine biologist by education. He participated in the 80s e.g. in the JGOFS Programme on the quantification of marine snow in the north-east Atlantic. He was 20 years with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, working 10 years in the funding programmes for marine and polar research as well as biotechnology, and participated in the development of a future national research and technology policy. 2001-2011 he was director of the department for the co-operation with Asia and the Pacific region, where he negotiated R&D&E-Programmes with the representatives of e.g. CHN, IND, JAP, KOR, VNM, IDN, AUS, NZL. He worked as an expert for research & education policy for the German Parliament for 4 years. In 2011 he became COO of ´PTJ (Project Management Jülich)´, an administrative body with a yearly budget of 1,6 bn €, currently handling over 16.000 research projects, including all governmentally funded marine research projects. He retired November 2018.