About iSeaMC

iSeaMC provides the people, expertise, equipment and technology that support cost efficient robotic seafloor monitoring surveys. Our services include pre-installation-surveys, baseline studies including biodiversity assessment, habitat mapping and the control of seafloor installations. Our monitoring solutions are a cost efficient part of the mandatory impact assessment strategies throughout the entire life-cycle of your operations.

The company provides solutions and high-level advice to the rapidly developing offshore sector including industry, policymakers and regulatory bodies. iSeaMC offers with the Rossia crawler system cutting edge sea floor robot technology. A network of own and subcontracted specialists from renowned research institutions/industry provide specialist knowledge and laboratory facilities.

As your partner in seafloor monitoring and robotics we offer customer specific technical equipment, advice, solution in project management, coordination and support.

Today´s ROV operations cost 20 – 150 k€ per day; our cost effective solution can be < 10 k€ / month

Seafloor Monitoring

Environmental awareness and technological advances have spurred development of new monitoring solutions for the offshore and marine sector.

  • the costs for seafloor operations using ships and ROVs are high
  • robotic innovations allow to drastically reduce the running costs for seafloor monitoring
  • the internet allows rapid analyses and distribution of results from robot monitoring


  • has developed (semi)autonomous robots for seafloor monitoring and   surveying
  • offers complete robotic infrastructure and accompanying services
  • operates own seafloor robot systems for longterm deployments
  • iSeaMC robots have a proven  longterm record in deep sea research since 2010
  • executes complete monitoring programs including the help of international experts 
  • provides environmental maps and data analyses 
  • offers laboratory facilities on hydrodynamic behavior of particles and fluids (drill cuttings, sediments, oils, plumes from mining operations)

Unique Selling Points

Provision of highly sophisticated tele-operated robot technology for up to 6000 m deployments.

  • Cost effective seafloor monitoring and consulting 
  • Subcontracting experts from renowned oceanographic institutions 
  • Long year experience in consulting for hydrocarbon industry 
  • Track record and media presence due to international research projects 
  • Shallow water operations (< 200 m) with surface buoy via remote control
  • Full autonomy in near future