Department Phytolutions

The Department Phytolutions of iSeaMC GmbH develops and implements key-elements for innovative technologies and processes for the efficient conversion of algae biomass into high-value products and strategies for chemical, waste-water and fuel applications. Moreover, Phytolutions provides innovation strategies and research in the field of photosynthetic CO2 mitigation using flue gas from companies of the energy, automobile and chemical industry. Phytolutions sells system solutions and products, based on algae biomass, develops down-streaming for energy related use of algae and carries out R&D projects for renowned industrial partners from the energy and water-treatment sector.

Phytolutions has successfully implemented its production technology since 2010, which can be deployed under outdoor conditions, uses waste-heat for temperature control, and a pre-concentration harvesting system. Similar production systems are now in use in Germany, Italy, Netherlands and China.

The main objectives are:

  • granting license-agreements and expert support for the operation of the patented phytobag plant (land and ocean based)
  • further development of harvesting strategies based on membrane and flocculation technologies
  • planning /design of any operational production systems for biomass production, reduction of nutrients and CO2, cleaning of waste streams and synergies with industrial sites
  • team training in Bremen and on-site for operation and supervision
  • offering monitoring assistance
  • product development for high-value substances for medicine, food and feed
  • applications for residual biomass as source for chemical and energetic products
  • assessment for up-scale into large scale installations based on modular units

Memberships in European Algaee Biomass Association (EABA), Bundesverband Aquaculture, and was a foundation member of aireg e.V. the aviation initiative for renewable Energy.

iSeaMC GmbH / Department Phytolutions has granted and pending patents for several technological applications in EU and China.