About iSeaMC

iSeaMC provides the people, expertise, equipment and technology that support cost efficient robotic seafloor monitoring surveys. Our services include pre-installation-surveys, baseline studies including biodiversity assessment, habitat mapping and the control of seafloor installations. Our monitoring solutions are a cost efficient part of the mandatory impact assessment strategies throughout the entire life-cycle of your operations.

The company provides solutions and high-level advice to the rapidly developing offshore sector including industry, policymakers and regulatory bodies. iSeaMC offers cutting edge sea floor robot technology. A network of own and subcontracted specialists from renowned research institutions/industries provide specialist knowledge and laboratory facilities. We offer customer specific advice, solution in project management, coordination and support.

Environmental awareness and technological advances have spurred development of new monitoring solutions for the offshore and marine sector

  • … the costs for seafloor operations using ships and ROVs are high
  • … robotic innovations allow to drastically reduce the running costs for seafloor monitoring

iSeaMC has spurred the development and operation of cost effective sea floor robotic technology:

  • … Developing (semi)autonomous robots for sea floor monitoring and surveying,
  • … Offering complete robotic infrastructure and accompanying services,
  • … Operatering own sea floor robot systems for long-term deployments.

The sea floor robots can be used for short and long-term survey in tele operated semi-autonomous or fully autonomous versions.